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Note: FIFA 18 is a Windows PREMIUM GAME. In order to download you need to create a FREE ACCOUNT to pass the ANTI-SPAM verficiation system. Follow the "How it Works?" guide to create very fast a FREE TRIAL account and proceed with the download.


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User's reviews:

Jake Carte

FIFA 18 available FREE for PC? I didn't believed until I downloaded and saw with my own eyes. Very nice work here!


Thank you!


It works! I played FIFA 18 on my PC and it's awesome! WAY WAY WAY BETTER THAN FIFA 17! Although, the download was a little bit slow but maybe it's my internet connection. Thanks!


Finally I can play FIFA 18 on my computer without waiting months! Can you please publish THE DIVISION ? Thanks and keep up the good work!


Very nice! I never tought that I will be able to play FIFA 18 on PC that soon... ONLY 4 DAYS AFTER RELEASE?! you're awesome


The verification was really fast, I didn't expect that... I was convinced that this is another fake website BUT I WAS WRONG. Thanks for share!


Great website exclusive for fifa lovers. very good work


Thank you! On future I hope you will eliminate that account verification... it's only wasting the time which we can use to play.


Thank you! Very easy to crete an account and get the game. Keep up the good work!


I'm very pleased with this game and I'm so glad I didn't bought it.